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Since July 2012, Fraunhofer IML makes openTCS available to the public as free software under the MIT license. The software can be downloaded - including the source code - from the download page.


The openTCS team does not try to create a finished product that can be used to control every plant with automated vehicles out-of-the-box. Given the multitude of possibilities and possible requirements, such a goal could hardly be achieved, and using a system that could potentially do everything would simply move the challenge from the developer to the operator trying to configure it.

Instead, we develop openTCS as a generic base for control system solutions, which can be customized to project-specific requirements (battery charging strategies, parking strategies etc.) where applicable, and offer to help implementing the necessary changes. Cooperations for ongoing developing the software are welcome, as well, and are made truly possible only by publishing the source code. Extensions and improvements for the software and its documentation which are generic/not project-specific are integrated into the main project, too, to make them available to all users with subsequent releases.